: Athletics New Zealand Coaching Pathways

The Athletics New Zealand Coaching Framework is split into four age-related coaching pathways. Each pathway reflects the developmental needs of the athletes within the targeted age group. 

  Get Set Go coaching pathway
Targeting athletes aged 3-8 years
Get Set Go is based on the philosophy that Fundamental Movement Skills are the building blocks for successful participation in games and sports.
   Run Jump Throw coaching pathway              
Targeting athletes aged 5-10 years
Run Jump Throw is based on the philosophy that the development of skills in a fun environment is the key to participation. Emphasis is on the development of fundamental  running, jumping, and throwing patterns
    Development coaching pathway
Targeting athletes aged 10 years +
During the Development stage of an athlete's career, basic technical models for all athletics events are established. There is emphasis on the importance of age-appropriate training and focus on a variety of events before gradually specialising in specific events
    Performance coaching pathway 

Targeting athletes aged 19 years +
During the Performance coaching pathway, athletes specialise in specific events at a high performance level. This pathway is for coaches of Olympic and senior world championship competition athletes. Entry into the Performance coaching pathway is by invitation only.

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