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Edmond Cup

At the eighth AGM of the Dunedin Harrier Club held on March 21 1907 a letter was received from Mr. W.F.Edmond offering a Challenge Cup for a team's race over a steeplechase course. His offer for the Cup was accepted as were his rules for the race. The competition was to be an inter-club team’s event open to one team from any club affiliated to any recognised (Amateur back then) Athletic Association. The race was to be a Steeplechase of three miles  (4.8kms) with teams comprising not less than six nor more than ten with the first six to count. Every member of the team had to compete in their club uniform be a bona fide member of the club he represented and have taken part in at least three races before entries to the race closed. As with other teams events the team with the lowest aggregate was to be declared. The First Edmond Cup was held at Forbury Park on June 8 1907. From 1908 until 1913 the Edmond Cup was held at Tahuna Park with the shift to Wingatui Racecourse eventuating in 1914. (Tahuna Park was required for first grade Rugby). The outstanding individual winner of the Edmond Cup is the late Pat Sidon who won the race 11 times between 1954 and 196



All  ages are taken as at the 31/12/18 except Masters Athletes who are age on the day, therefore

Boys & Girls Under 13 are born 2006 or Later  BU13 or GU13

Boys & Girls Under 15 are born 2004 or 2005 BU15 or GU15

Youth Men & Women are born 2001,2002,2003  MU18 or WU18

Junior Men & Women are born 1999 & 2000 MU20 or WU20

Open Men & Women are born 1983 or later OM or OW

(OM & OW born in 1983 become Masters 35-49 on their birthday)

Masters Men & Women 35-49 are born between 1968 & 1983 MM35 or MW35

(Those born in 1968 and 1983 change grades on their birthday)

Masters Men & Women 50 plus are born 1968 or earlier MM50 or MW50 


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