Athletics Otago - Our Legends

Our Legends - This Page is under Construction

Prior to 2019, Life Members were recognised from Athletics Otago and Otago Children’s Athletic Committee seperatley.  With the integration of Children's Athletics under the Athletics Otago umbrella, Life Membes of Childrens automatically became Life Members of Athletics Otago.


2014- Present Day

Richard Tayler 2022 - Present

Ron T Cain (2014-2022)

1955 - 2014

NR Jefferson (1995-2014)

James G Barnes (1955-95)

1925 to 1955​​​​​​​

GL Tapley (1937-55)

ET Cox (1933-34)

TK Sidley (1928-33)

WB Tavener (1927-37)

HL Tapley (1925-27)

Life Members

Awarded 2020-2029

Marion E Harris

Fiona G Harvey

Mike Wedell

Megan J Gibbons

Awarded 2010-2019

Bevan J Mears (C)

Margaret Knox

Mike B Jowsey (C)

Bryce S Watt

Paul E Tyson

Brent R Halley

Bruce H Cowan

Alex A Merrilees

Joan C Merrilees

Malcolm J Giles

Dr NR Jefferson

Laurie N Hill

Deidre L Helm (AO & C)

TE Bent*

Raylene I Bates

Awarded 2000-2009​​​​​​​

Brent G Ward

AM Lastovicka

Colin L Taylor*

Warren J Deans (AO & C)

Andrew L Finn (C)

Ross D Garner (C)

Malcolm J Giles (C)

Paul E Tyson (C)

Lesley D Schofield (C)

DMJ Richmond

Beverley J Findlay

RJ Findlay*

Ken A Johnston (C)

Awarded 1990 - 1999

DO Johnson

TJ King

NV Dryden*

JL Rayner*

RD Stewart

WJ Dryden

JH Cain

Beverley J Findlay (C)

RJ Findlay* (C)

Dawn Schladt* (C) 1990

Awarded 1980-1989

FL Perry

AR Geddes

RT Cain*

JH Bordland

A Mcmillan

Awarded 1970-1979

LT Bradshaw

AB Veveridge

Awarded 1960-1969

JD Dever

HT Emerson

James G Barnes*

Awarded 1950-1951

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​HJC Mackenzie

JW Holley

Awarded 1940-1949

AG Melville

CW Clark



JG Barnes (1948-51)

CW Clark (1937-48)

GL Tapley (1935-37)

EI Macassey (1923-35)

T Harrison (1921-23)

EA Rosevear (1910-21)

L Sanderson (1909-10)

JB Callan (1908-09)

W Lang (1907-08)

A Marryatt (1906-07)

VS Jacobs (1905-06)

W Lang (1904-05)

HB Courtis (1903-04)

WL Hooper (1902-03)


BH Cowan (1999-2001)

KW Harris (1998-99)

PS Mccrostie (1996-98)

Beverley J Findlay (1994-96)

DMJ Richmond (1991-94)

TJ King (1989-91)

JL Rayner (1987-89)

DO Johnson (1984-87)

RJ Findlay (1981-84)

JH Bordland (1979-81)

A Mcmillan (1977-79)

RT Cain (1975-77)

RD Stewart (1973-75)

FL Perry (1971-73)

KH Bradshaw (1969-71)

LF Gerrie (1966-69)

JD Hair (1964-66)

AB Beveridge (1961-64)

DW Fincham (1951-61)

LT Bradshaw (1957-59)

NR Jefferson (1955-57)

AR Geddes (1954-55)

RM Carroll (1952-54)

WH Masters (1951-52)

2001 to Present

Robert Homan 2017-Present

Bruce H Cowan (2014-17)

DMJ Richmond (2012-14)

Brent R Halley (2009-12)

RT Urquhart (2007-09)

Paul E Tyson (2005-07)

AG Coldicott (2004-05)

Paul E Tyson (2001-04)