Athletics Otago - Our People

Our People 

Richard (Dick) Tayler - Patron


Athletics Otago is run by an elected Board of Directors. The Board meet on the last Wednesday of every 2nd month. The Board comprises of up to eight members, Six are elected members and two additional members may be co-opted if required by the Board following the AGM. The President of Athletics Otago may attend Board meetings as ex-officio. The Board elects a Chairperson from its own members.

At each AGM two positions become vacant. Affiliated clubs to Otago may propose a person to fill these positions.

Following Athletics Otago's May 2023 AGM, the current board  are as follows.

Kevin Shaw (Chair)

vacant (Deputy Chair) Dec 2023

Richard Kinley

Paul Ferro (co-opted) Jan 2024

Kat Irving (resigned Dec 2023)

Kathryn Radford

Jamie Adamson

Clare Toia-Bailey (co-opted Feb 2024)

Simon Rhodes (resigned Mar 2024)


Next Meeting Wed 24 Apr 2024 7:30pm

Athletics Otago Staff

Athletics Otago is always looking at new ways to deliver our sport.

We currently employ three part-time time employees.  We contract in other personnell as needed.

Sally Warlow (Administration)

All Enquires

Mon, Wed, Thur (9.30am to 3.00pm) - Part Time

Based at Caledonian Track - Dunedin


Mark Peters (Event Management)

Event Contact / School Equipment Bookings

Wed:   10:30am - 3:00pm

Fri:       1:30pm - 3:00pm (Summer only)


   027 649 5657

Sue Brydges (Operations & Development)

On leave April & May 2024

Part time as of June 2024

Based in North Otago (Wed in Dunedin)


P: 021 852 355

Athletics Otago Committees

Athletics Otago provides year round opportunites for people to participate in a wide variety of events. This is only possible due to the committment of our volunteers who sit on committees and meet monthly inseason. We thankyou for your passion and dedication to our sport.

President - Robert Homan (Civil Service)


Howden Finnie (Hill City)

Malcolm Giles (Caversham)

Robert Homan (Civil Service)

Russell Lund (Ariki)

Marc Boulle (Leith)

David McNeill (Hill City)

Kevin Shaw (AO Board)

Raylene Bates (resigned Aug 2023)

Kirstin Wyatt (resigned Oct 2023)

Next Meeting Mon 8 April 7:30pm


Maragret Knox (Leith)

Richard Fogarty (Hill City)

Robert Homan (Civil Service)

Oliver O'Sullivan (Hill City)

Dave Crewe (resigned Nov 2023)

Next Meeting Tue 26 Mar 7:30pm


Brent Halley (Ariki)

​​​​​​​Paul Ferro (Hill City)

Shelley Walker (Taieri)

Peter Hughes (Caversham)

Glen Chisholm (Leith)

Jamie Adamson (AO Board)

Next Meeting Mon 20 May 5:30pm 

CHILDREN'S ​​​​​​​

Sian Ellis (Chair)

John Hollows (Hill City)

Jaime Winklemann (Hill City)

Hayley McHutchon (Taieri)

Paula Cotter (Caversham)

Mandy Enoka (Aspiring)

Kirstn Wyatt (Aspiring) co-opted Oct 23

Evelyn Armstrong (Caversham)

Anna Murray (Cromwell)

Amy Hore (Cromwell)

Clare Toi-Bailey (Alexandra)

Kate Groundwater (Alexandra)

Sue Brydges (North Otago)

Rachel Landreth (South Otago) co-opted Oct 23

Gillian Wong (Facebook)

Next Meeting End of Season TBC 7:30pm (zoom)

Summer Working Group

Working Group established to combine T&F & Childrens Interclub

Next Meeting TBA 

Officials Coordinators

Joan Merrilees

Karen Palmer

Records Committee

Deidre Helm (Records Steward)

Paula Cotter (Caversham)

Megan Gibbons (Taieri)​​​​​​​

Meet as Required

Athletics Otago Squad Directors

Paula Cotter (chair)

Raylene Bates

Joan Merrilees

Kieran Fowler

Dave McNeill

Mike Weddell

Mandy Enoka.

Next Meeting TBA

Awards Committee

Rob Homan (Track & Field)

Deidre Helm (Records)

Marion Harris (Life Member)

Margaret Knox (Winter)

Sian Ellis (Childrens)

Next Meeting TBA