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Athletics Otago Children's 6-14 years

Athletics Otago - Children Aged 6 to 14 years

Annual Membership is from 1 April 2023 till 31 March 2024 but children can join a club at any time of the year.  

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Your child's Grade is determined by the age they will be on 31.12.2023.  They stay in the same Grade till 31 March 2024 (regardless if they have a birthday in Jan, Feb or Mar).

If children register in the Winter they will be given an Out of Stadia number each time they enter an event.  In Summer, upon competitive registration, Children will be issused with a 4 digit number to wear during interclub events.  They keep this number for the season.  If lost replacements can be given.  We no longer require Age Grade patches as the first two digits of the number indicate Grade.  All Grade 13 & 14 athletes will receive a 3 digit senior number that they can wear at either Children's or the afternoon Senior Meet.

Social or Competitive Membership?

Winter Harrier Season

April to October

The Harrier season is currently our most inclusive collection of events as children can choose to run or walk a wide variety of distances for fun or competively.  Many club activiites are open to the general public as well as registered club members with an emphasis on enjoyment and fostering a lifelong passion to stay active.

The Interclub Program is a joint collaboration between Athletics Otago and the Dunedin based clubs.  So, if your child loves to run for fitness, fun or to socialise with friends then we have multiple Road, Trial & Cross Country events on offer throughout the winter months.  Follow the Otago Childrens Facebook Page to keep up to date with Interclub events.​​​​​​​

It is common for Children to take part in Harriers alongside immediate and extended family members and there are many wonderful family traditions within a number of the clubs.

Championship events include Otago Cross Country & Otago Road Champs​​​​​​​

Summer Track & Field Season

October 2022 to March 2023

The Track & Field season consists of a weekly Club night designed to introduce age appropraite run, jump, throw skills.  See Club Coaching Page.

In addition, Athletics Otago run an Interclub competition from the Caledonaion Ground on Saturday mornings. Your child will have the opportunity to have their name in print as we record times & distances on a regular basis.  Refer to our Results Page.

Four times a year the Grade 12,13,14 Children will join the Senior Competition in the afternoon to help with the  transition into our Youth Grades.  Alternatively, at any time, high school children can enter a senior competition by entering online.  Perfect for those who are preparing for secondary school competitions.

Children are encouraged to participate in both Track & Field events and are discouraged from specialising.

Championship Events are held over two days and include Mini Mults in December 2023 & Otago Champsionship in March 2024.

Children's Events to Look Out For

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