Athletics Otago - Records


 Senior Record Requirements

It is the responsibility of the ATHLETE to inform the Record Steward when their performance has broken a record. The ATHLETE needs to provide all paperwork relevant to the record application, to the Record Steward and meet all the criteria as listed below. For underage athletes (20yrs and below) a copy of their Birth Certificate needs to be sighted and verified, this needs to happen only on the first record application.

Field Events – A copy of the field event sheet that has the names, grades and signatures of all officials that were officiating at the event at the time of the record performance, including the referee. Implements need to be checked and weighed and this information should also be provided along with the signature of the official who checked the implement.

Track Events – A copy of the Electronic Timing Photo showing the athlete in the photo and also the result. The Chief Timekeeper and Track Referee need to name, sign and state grade on the photo.

Multi Events – Copies of all field sheets and electronic photos need to be presented. These need to be signed as per the procedure above for the relevant events.

For performances done at a National Championship (excluding New Zealand Secondary Schools) event of higher standard meeting (Olympic, World and Commonwealth Games) only a copy of the official result is required.

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