Athletics Otago - FAQ


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How much does it cost to join a club?

What are the Age Groups?

What is the difference between Social & Competitive Member?

How do I sign Up for A Club?

How long does my membership last?

I only want to compete in the Harrier Season, do I still pay for the whole year?

Can I give it a go first before I join a club?

What do I get for my membership?

What is an Interclub competition?

Can I use my membership outside of Otago?

What about University Students & High School Youth Boarding. Do they have to join a new club?

Caledonian Track (The Caley) - Interclub For Competitive Athletes

Where is the track located?

How do I know what events are on?

Can I use the track to train on?

What are spikes & do I need them?

Do I need my own Throwing Equipment?

Do I have to use the Starting Blocks at the start of my race?

How do I enter an event at The Caley?

Can Older Children enter a Senior Competition?

Why do I have to Wear a Number?

Why do I have to enter a time or distance when I enter a Senior Competition?

Coaching (Content to be Added Soon)