2022 Barnes Cross Country




Sunday 12 June 2022

Dunedin Rugby Club rooms, Kettle Park, Dunedin

Organising Clubs:  Ariki and Caversham

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Race Rules:

  1. The J G Barnes Cross Country Races shall be handicap races for runners held over distances and courses approved by the Cross- Country Committee.
  2. Entry to all races is open to everyone, both Club and non-Club Members.
  3. There will be open 5km, 3.75km, 2.5km and 1.25km races which will be handicapped by the Athletics Otago handicapper, with male and female runners competing together in these events.
  4. The Under 12 race will be one lap of the full course 1.25km.
  5. The Under 8 race will be a fun run with entry on the day.
  6. No one can enter or compete in more than one race.
  7. Teams Races
    1. In the Open 5km race, the first six Athletics Otago registered club runners (men and women), shall count for the team’s race.
    2. In the Open 3.5km race, the first four Athletics Otago registered club runners (men and women), to finish shall count for the team’s race.
    3. In the Open 2.5km race and in the Under 12 race, the first four Athletics Otago registered club runners (boys and girls), will count for the team’s races in each event.


Entry Details:

  • All entries and payment of entry fees is to be completed online at www.athleticsotago.co.nz by individual athletes who want to run in this event.
  • There will be a container in the Dunedin Rugby Club rooms for athletes to put their cans in on the day. All cans of food collected will be donated to the Dunedin Food Bank.
  • Entries close at Midnight Wednesday 8th June. No late entries are accepted for this event. 
  • Ages for all age groups are taken as 31 December 2022 except master’s ages which are taken as on the day of the event.


Entry fees:

Athletes registered with Athletics New Zealand via clubs:                          Under 16                               Can or Gold Coin Donation

All other age groups            $12.00


Athletes not registered with Athletics New Zealand via a club:

 Under 16                                              Can or Gold Coin Donation

 All age other groups                           $22.00


Changing facilities will be available at Dunedin Rugby Club, Kettle Park and in the adjoining changing facilities.

Afternoon tea and the presentations will be held in the Dunedin Rugby Club after the last event.  The cost of the afternoon tea is included in the entry fees.

Enquiries: Email:  athleticsotago@xtra.co.nz




Course will be run in an anticlockwise direction.



OPEN 3.75km (U18, U20, Seniors, Masters)                                                 1.00 pm     3 laps approx. 3.75 km


BOYS AND GIRLS UNDER 12                                                                            1.25pm      1 Lap – approx. 1.25km


BOYS & GIRLS UNDER 8 (Fun Run- entry on day)                                        1.35pm      Short lap approx. 500 – 800m

OPEN 2.5KM (U16 & U14))                                                                              1.40pm      2 Laps approx. 2.75km

OPEN  5km (U18, U20, Seniors, Masters)                                                      2.00 pm     4 laps approx. 5 km


WARM DOWN RUN / WALK                                                                           2.35pm

Article added: Sunday 15 May 2022


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