Port Chalmers to Dunedin Road Race - Sat 23 Sept

The Port Road Race is a handicap distance race of 10km that starts in Port Chalmers and ends in Magnet Street Dunedin.  The race has long been popular with Dunedin Harrier Clubs since its inception in 1902.

The race was last run in 2019 and has not run since due to COVID disruptions and ultimatley issues with Traffic Management.

The installation of the The Te Aka Ōtākou Tānga: The Winding Vine Shared cycleway, has unleashed new life into this historic race and we are delighted that the race will go ahead in 2023.

Ages 16 & 17 can choose the full 10km Race or enter the 5km race for U16/U18 & 18+ Open.  The 5km race will start at St Leondard's and finish at Magnet Street. The race will be handicapped in waves based on age. No handicap time needed.

Grade U14 & U12 will run 2.5 km and start at Maia. The race will be handicapped in waves based on age.

U8 will be a fun run, with entry on the day. The run will start and finish at Magnet Street. There will be no handicaps for this event.

GO Walkers 10Km start at 12:45pm

GO Runners10km start at 1:00pm

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Entries close on Wednesday 20th September at 6.00pm to allow for 10km Handicapping.

Article added: Tuesday 15 August 2023


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