Otago Cross Country Champs

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Including the Otago Secondary Cross-Country Championships

Sunday 09 August 2020

Chisholm Park Golf Links - Dunedin

Organising Clubs:  Leith and Civil Service


Meeting Manager: 

Race Information

IAAF Competition Rules 2019-20 and Section 1X Cross Country, Mountain and Trail Runs and NZ Supplementary Rules.

Otago Secondary Schools Cross- Country Championships

For this year only we are running the Otago Secondary Schools Cross Country Championships alongside our championship event.

Club Uniforms to be worn.

  1. Entry to the championship races is open to both registered and non-registered club members and non-club members, but only athletes registered with Athletics Otago via an affiliated Athletics Otago club will be eligible for the titles.
  2. Separate results and team’s races will be declared for each competitive grade.
  3. Teams Races
  1. In the Senior Men’s Championship the first four Athletics Otago registered club runners to finish will count for the team’s race.
  2. In all of the other grades the first three Athletics Otago registered club runners to finish will count for the teams’ races.
  1. An Open 4000m cross country race will be held over the 2km course. Entry is open to both registered and non-registered club members and non-club members.


Entry Details:

Otago Secondary Cross- Country Championships

  1. All secondary school students who are club members are to enter this event through their School. Entry fees will be paid through the school.
  2. Secondary school students are to wear their school sports uniform.
  3. Students registered with an Athletics Otago club will be eligible for both the Secondary Schools title and the Athletics Otago title, but MUST register through the school not via the Athletics Otago Website.


All other entries.

All entries and payment of entry fees is to be done online at https://otagowinter2020.eventdesq.com/org by individual athletes who want to run in this event.


  • Entries for all races close at 12.00 noon on Thursday 06 August. Entries are accepted for this event after this time on payment of a $20 late fee. Late entries accepted up to 30 minutes prior to the race start. Ages for age groups (except secondary school races) are taken as at 31 December 2020. Master’s ages that are taken as is on the day of the event.

Entry fees:

Athletes registered with Athletics New Zealand via clubs:

12 and under                           A gold coin donation or a can of food

Under 20                                 $5.00 (Otago Secondary School Cross Country)

All other age groups               $10.00


Athletes not registered with Athletics New Zealand via a club:

Under 14                                 $7.50

All age groups                         $20.00

Late fee                                   $20.00


Toilet and changing facilities will be available.

Presentations will be held in the Chisholm Links Golf Club as soon as possible after the last event.  Medals for the first three in all Championship events will be awarded, plus certificates for the winning teams in each grade.

The Otago team for the NZ Cross Country Championships will be announced after Entries have closed on the Athletics NZ website.

Trophies: The following trophies are available to be awarded to Athletics Otago registered competitive runners:

W L Hooper Shield – Senior Men Winning Team

Fairmaid Challenge Trophy – Senior Men Individual Winner

Bradshaw Trophy – Senior Men individual best aggregate Edmond Cup & Otago Cross Country

McLachlan Cup – Senior Women Individual Winner

Jubilee Cup – Senior Women Winning Team

Allan Agnew Memorial Challenge Cup Junior Men U20 Individual Winner

Taverner Challenge Cup – Men U20 Winning Team

Caversham Cup – Women U20 Individual Winner

Dion Latta Memorial Trophy – Men U18 Individual Winner

Presbyterian Trophy – Men U18 Winning Team

Hill City University Trophy – Women U18 Individual Winner

Civil Service Cup – Boys U16 Individual Winner

Leith Cup – Girls U16 Individual Winner

Ashton Family Trophy – Boys U14 Individual Winner

Ashton Family Trophy – Girls U14 Individual Winner

Joe Gough Memorial Trophy – Club gaining most points in teams’ races over all grades. Points to be awarded as follows:  Winning team 5 points; Second placed team 3 points; Third placed team 1 point.


Enquiries: Email:  athleticsotago@xtra.co.nz



Course will be run in a clockwise direction

KIDS FUN RUN & CHILDREN UNDER 12                                10:30am     2km or less

BOYS UNDER 14                                                                    10:45am     3km (1 ½ laps

GIRLS UNDER 14                                                                    10:45am     3km (1 ½ laps

GIRLS UNDER 15                                                                    10:45am     3km (1 ½ laps)

GIRLS UNDER 16                                                                    10:45am     3km (1 ½ laps)                  


BOYS UNDER 15                                                                    11:10am     4km (2 laps)

BOYS UNDER 16                                                                    11:10am     4km (2 laps)

GIRLS UNDER 19                                                                    11:10am     4km (2 laps)

OPEN 4KM (all ages over 14)                                                11:10am     4km (2laps)

BOYS UNDER 19                                                                    11:10am     6km (3 laps)

WOMEN U20                                                                        11:10am     6km (3 laps)              

MASTERS WOMEN 35-49                                                      11:10am     6km (3 laps)

MASTERS WOMEN 50+                                                         11:10am     6km (3 laps)

MASTERS MEN 65+                                                               11:10am     6km (3 laps)


MEN U20                                                                                  12:00pm      8km (4 laps)      

MASTERS MEN 35-49                                                            12:00pm     8km (4 laps)

MASTERS MEN 50-64                                                            12:00pm     8km (4 laps)

SENIOR WOMEN                                                                   12:00pm     10km (5 laps)

SENIOR MEN                                                                         12:00pm     10km (5 laps)


ATHLETICS OTAGO PRESENTATIONS – as soon as possible after the completion of the races

Article added: Sunday 19 July 2020


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